Intention, Scope of Assessment, EIA Report


In order to get a permit for commissioning of nuclear facility and operating the nuclear facility, Slovenské elektrárne submitted already in December 2008 to the Ministry of Environment  in compliance with Act No. 24/2006 Coll. document - so called Intention for the Proposed Activity "Nuclear Power Plant Mochovce VVER 4 x 440 MW, 3rd construction". Intention of the Proposed Activity represents assessment of affects of the nuclear complex and commissioning of both units VVER 4 x 440 MW type with an objective to generate electricity in order to ensure electricity supplies for individual consumers. The intention of the proposed activity was elaborated in compliance with Energy Concept of the Slovak Republic. This document was subject to commenting not only in SR, but also neighbouring countries gave their standpoint on it and they expressed their position on whether they would like to participate in the assessment process. Also lay public, non-governmental and environmental organizations and representatives of involved municipalities around Mochovce NPP gave their standpoint on the document. The period for consulting took 21 days and was completed in March 2009 when comments from stakeholders, public, Austrian Government, Czech Government, and Polish Government gave their standpoints in order to define the scope of assessment for the Report about assessment of the environmental impacts of the assessed activity on the Environment.

Scope of assessment

The scope of assessment specified general and specific conditions which the proponent (SE, a.s.) had to supplement into the Report on Impact of the proposed activity on the Environment. The Scope of Assessment was prepared by MoEn on 29 May 2009 and then it was consequently delivered to SE, a.s. MO34.

EIA Report

The report on Environment Impact Assessment of the proposed activity was submitted to the MoEn in August 2009 and simultaneously started the process of public commenting which took 30 days in compliance with the NC SR Act No. 24/2006 Coll.  The report was prepared in compliance with §31 of the NC SR Act No. 24/2006 Coll. and Annexes No. 11 and 15 of this Act. Consequently was the Report on impact assessment of the activity delivered to the relevant sections, permitting, and other involved bodies of state administration and it was published on the web site of the MoEn SR. The involved municipalities informed the public on this fact within three days from the delivery of the Report or of the Generally Comprehensive Final Statement.

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Environmental Impact Assessment Study for Mochovce NPP Units 3&4 – September 2007
“NPP Mochovce VVER 4x440MW 3rd construction” intent pursuant to Act No. 24/2006 Coll. – EIA part
General Executive Summary
Exucutive summary: Environmental Impact Assessment Study for Mochovce NPP Units 3&4




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