EnelCuoreCorporate Social Responsibility (CSR) is not just a supplementary company management tool in Slovenské elektrárne, but an inherent part of corporate management and culture. The purpose of CSR is to create conditions and also to take over the responsibility for sustainable development in the economic, financial, social and environmental area. The priority is to create and promote engagement relations with all the stakeholders – shareholders, investors, employees, customers, suppliers, institutions, future generations and the general society.

You can discover more about the Company's socially responsible actions of on the Energy for the Country portal.


At Enel our mission is to create and deliver value
in the international electricity market,
benefiting our customers and our shareholders,
fostering competition in the countries
in which we operate, and meeting
the expectations of all those who work with us.

Enel works to serve the community,
while respecting the environment and human safety,
commitment to leaving future generations
a better world.

Enel is one of the world leaders in energy. The international expansion that we have experienced in the last few years has strengthened our conviction that the only way to ensure the success of our projects is to make them an opportunity for growth for both us and the entire community around us.

Our development plans are assessed not only in terms of the economic return for the Company, but also for the benefits they can create for all our stakeholders. We believe that the real indicator of success for an energy utility is to always act both responsibly and ethically by keeping the social value of our actions clearly in mind.

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