Sustainability & CSR

The term Energy for the Country has been synonymous with CSR at Slovenské elektrárne since 2008. It includes philanthropic activities divided into the following five categories:

  • Energy for Life – charity and social activities;
  • Energy for Nature – environmental protection and biodiversity preservation;
  • Energy for Education – support and development of education;
  • Energy for Culture – development and protection of cultural values;
  • Energy for Sport – prevention, healthcare and development of sport activities.

Within the Energy for the Country programme, the company cooperates with a number of selected entities and institutions, developing and supporting projects with them at two different levels, the national level and the regional level covering activities in the local area of SE’s power plants.

In 2013, the company invested in the development of corporate social responsibility through donations, advertising contracts or direct assignment of 2% of income tax in total over 1,100,000 euros directly supporting 268 projects in the five mentioned areas. Since 2011, all projects are submitted and evaluated through the portal.

In 2011, the company established the Endowment Fund of Slovenské elektrárne at the Pontis Foundation. It is a complementary tool for financing projects in three specific areas.

The first area focuses on increasing energy efficiency and reducing greenhouse gas emissions in cities and villages.

The second area includes comprehensive financial and non-financial support for organisations dealing with homelessness, supporting the establishment of a network of organisations helping homeless people return to normal life and supporting low-cost housing.

The third area is the development of technical sciences by supporting students at secondary schools and universities, the implementation of projects or research activities and motivation for studying
technical professions.

In 2013, a grant programme focused on the support of employee volunteerism was added to the portfolio of the Endowment Fund of Slovenské elektrárne. SE employees submitted in total 31 charity projects, within the framework of which as many as 350 employees took part in the volunteer activities. Moreover, nine of the submitted projects obtained financial support amounting to EUR 20,000.

The Endowment Fund regularly opens grant rounds on the portal for specific topics and an expert committee selects the best projects submitted, which receive financial support. The donor strategy of the Endowment Fund is closely interconnected with the CSR concept of Energy for the Country and is another tool to proceed in the implementation of the company’s ambitious goal of "being a good Slovak citizen".

In 2013, a total of 26 projects were supported from the resources of the Endowment Fund. They included six direct grants, and the remaining 20 grants were assigned within the grant calls: Eco-municipality and the Grant Programme supporting corporate volunteerism. The other two calls – Energy for Education and Energy for Life – were announced in 2013 and will be evaluated at the beginning of 2014.

In 2013, Slovenské elektrárne invested over 125,000 euros in charity and environmental projects through the Endowment Fund.

On September 9th, 2010, Slovenské elektrárne adopted updated versions of the Code of Ethics and “Zero Tolerance of Corruption” Plan as documents following up on the Code of Ethics developed in 2006 and “Zero Tolerance of Corruption” Plan developed in 2007. Both documents express the ethical commitments and responsibilities in carrying out business activities and corporate operations by the employees of Slovenské elektrárne, as well as by all other natural persons and legal entities with any legal or other relation to Slovenské elektrárne who are bound to such a commitment by a contract or any other legal grounds. Furthermore, the “Zero Tolerance of Corruption” Plan defines the general principles for fighting corruption.

Notifications of violation of the Code of Ethics

Employees, members of the Statutory body and the Supervisory Board of Slovenské elektrárne and any other person bound by a Contract or any other legal grounds are obliged to report any violation or suspected violation of the ZTC Plan and generally of the Code of Ethics, to Slovenské elektrárne, Internal Audit function, which is responsible for the analysis of such notifications and will take all the necessary steps to establish the facts.

All the stakeholders are invited to send their notifications to the same address.

Download the form and send the filled-in notification:

  • e-mail:
  • post:
    Slovenské elektrárne, a.s.
    Internal Audit Function, Code of Ethics,
    Mlynské nivy 47
    821 09 Bratislava
    Slovak Republic

Slovenské elektrárne takes all the necessary steps to keep the identity of a person providing notification and the submitted information confidential in accordance with the generally binding legal rules and protection of the rights of the Company or persons mentioned in the report.