Coronavirus: Measures to protect health, electricity and heat generation

Coronavirus: Measures to protect health, electricity and heat generation
Slovenské elektrárne is introducing more measures that also affect all of its suppliers and employees.

Following the spread of coronavirus, Slovenské elektrárne, a.s. (SE) is introducing further measures to prevent the spread of infection, affecting all suppliers and persons entering SE's premises.

The measures in place should protect the health of all, prevent damages and ensure the continuity of electricity and heat production. The current situation is unprecedented and its deterioration can be prevented only by the focused collective efforts of all of us.

Declaration on Oath

Effective as of March 11, 2020, every person entering Slovenské elektrárne is obliged to fill in a Declaration on Oath aimed at identifying potentially at-risk persons. Each entrant is required to fill this declaration in two copies. He or she shall hand over one to the Protection and Security Staff of Slovenské elektrárne at the entrance to SE premises. The other copy is stamped and the entrant shall hereafter be obliged to show this document at each subsequent entry.

The Declaration is available at

Mandatory screening

The biggest power generating company in Slovakia is also introducing screening - Slovenské elektrárne will observe entrants' symptoms (temperature above 37.5 ° C, shortness of breath or dry cough) and possible contact with people infected with coronavirus.

If an entrant has a higher temperature or has been in a high-risk country or has other suspicions of illness, he or she will be forbidden to access all SE premises.

Risk countries

Due to the increase in the number of countries with the occurrence of the disease, Slovenské elektrárne proceeded to mark the countries as high-risk or medium-risk regions. This list is stricter than the list published by public authorities, as Slovenské elektrárne takes measures earlier and more conservatively, considering the importan role which Slovenské elektrárne has in the electricity and heat generation in Slovakia.

The list is updated daily and is displayed at all entrances to Slovenské elektrárne. It is also available at