Enel 3D Movie Winning an Award at the Cannes Festival

Enel 3D Movie Winning an Award at the Cannes Festival
Competition of over 700 films from 40 countries. The international jury awarded Energy Odyssey, the movie shown in Energoland Mochovce.

Slovenské elektrárne, the Slovak subsidiary of Enel Group, won at the film festival in Cannes. In the competition of more than 700 films from forty countries of the world, the international jury gave the prestigious prize for the best 3D film to the movie called Energy Odyssey.

Cannes Corporate Media and TV Awards is the most prestigious show of corporate films in the world and the success of the Energy Odyssey proves that the film has met the highest world standards. The story of energy, from its start to the present, attracted interest because of its plot, well-elaborated visual effects, and beautiful music. In Slovakia, the full film can be viewed in the information centre of Energoland at Mochovce.

In Canes, the award was taken over by Miroslav Šarišský, head of external communications and institutional affairs, and Katarína Krivosudská, executive producer from Strategic, the company that was working on the movie.

“The Energoland project was very challenging due to several reasons. Therefore I am very happy that the film won the award. The jury consisted of the holders of Oscar and Emmy awards. Films were registered in the competition by famous world brands from USA to India, yet the Energy Odyssey did not go unnoticed. Quite the contrary," said M. Šarišský after the ceremony.

“We made our best efforts to implement the idea of the client, Slovenské elektrárne, about a great journey through time from the Big Bang to this planet’s future, emphasising the origin and importance of the various energy sources. Out effort was to make the film dynamic, emotional, and engaging, at a high professional level, and the award from Cannes clearly shows we managed to do so," said the director Martin Vančo.

The 3D animation has been so far the biggest project of Alien Studio, the 3D animating company from Slovakia, whose work can be recognized also in the Tour de France advertisements of ŠKODA automaker, as well as many other sound brands.