Innovative LED lighting for Bratislava Kunsthalle

Innovative LED lighting for Bratislava Kunsthalle
The innovative and energy saving artistic LED lighting technology worth of 40,000 euros has been supplied by Enel Sole.

Starting today, Slovenské elektrárne, an Enel Group subsidiary, will be lighting up the façade of Bratislava’s art exhibition hall, the Kunsthalle, within the framework of its "Energy for Culture" programme. The innovative lighting technology worth of 40,000 euros has been supplied by Enel Sole, a leading European company in public and artistic lighting. The unique project is one of the activities stemming from the cooperation between the Ministry of Culture of the Slovak Republic and the National Cultural Centre.

The Kunsthalle Bratislava joins the other major Old Continent landmarks whose lighting has been supplied by Enel Sole, such as Rome’s Presidential Palace "Quirinale" Gardens and Orvieto’s Cathedral in Italy, Atheneul Concert Hall in Bucharest and Real Alcàzar in Seville, Spain.

This project will enhance the Kunsthalle façade attractiveness by emphasizing its architectural features through a selection of light devices. The building will stand out while at the same time being harmonised within its neighbourhood, with artistic lighting providing an immaterial connection between the Kunsthalle and society. Small sized LED projectors will be used without interfering with the city’s architecture and environment, while ensuring minimal energy consumption. The LED will use three types of illumination – diffusion and homogenous illumination for the building’s name on its top façade, dynamic illumination relying on a wide use of varying colours for the continuous window and architectural-functional (white) illumination for the columns on the ground floor.

"We are extremely pleased to contribute to the cultural heritage of Bratislava in a way that our lighting system for the Kunsthalle, alongside its full functionality, can also serve as a source of artistic inspiration," said Michele Bologna, Head of Communications at Slovenské elektrárne. "The lighting system is fully programmable and major domestic as well as foreign light artists will be invited to build visual concepts. On the sustainability side, compared to conventional technology, more than 70% energy savings will be achieved through our innovative LED-based lighting system."

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"The ambition of the House of Art/Kunsthalle Bratislava is to surpass the borders of the exhibition area towards the audience and co-participate in the enhancement of public areas. In cooperation with company Enel Sole we have managed to rebuild the facade of the House of Art to a new untraditional exhibition area. Thanks to the programmable lighting park and cooperation with prestigious domestic and foreign artists we provide Bratislava with a new "dominant feature", which should change the existing drab face of the SNP Square (Námestie SNP). The first one to accept the invitation to build the "light symphony" is the multimedia artist Peter Meluzín," said the director of the Slovak Centre of Visual Arts (Slovenské centrum vizuálnych umení) Juraj Čarný.

Slovenské elektrárne, an Enel group subsidiary,through its programme “Energy for Culture”, part of the company’s overall sustainability programme "Energy for the Country", has been supporting art, monuments and culture since 2008. Within such programme, SE has supplied the artistic illumination of the Orava Castle (2009), one of Slovakia’s major landmarks, which, thanks to this project, can be properly admired also at night.

Enel Sole, another subsidiary of the Enel Group, utilizes state-of-the-art illumination technologies, namely both white and coloured LED lighting sources and remotely controlled devices;the lighting systems are installed in full harmony with monuments and the overall environment. Enel Sole uses electricity in a sustainable way, optimising consumption, reducing pollution from light sources and avoiding light dispersion.

Slovenské elektrárne, a. s. is a subsidiary of the Enel group and the largest electricity producer in Slovakia. Enel, with a 66% equity stake, is SE’s main shareholder since 2006. The remaining 34% of shares are owned by the Slovak National Property Fund, whose shareholder rights are exercised by the Slovak Ministry of the Economy. In 2014 Slovenské elektrárne produced over 20,000 GWh of electricity. Almost 91% of SE electricity was produced free of greenhouse gases, through a combination of nuclear, hydro, photovoltaic and biomass sources.

Enel Soleis part of the Enel Group and one of the main companies in Europe with major expertise and competence in the sectors of public, artistic and design lighting for outdoors, indoors and cultural heritage. Its aim is to promote the quality of light worldwide. Enel Sole’s main customers include 3,700 municipalities, in which the company operates more than 2,150,000 light sources. Thanks to the breakthrough LED project entitled “Archilede” since 2009 Enel Sole has installed 240,000 light facilities, creating cumulative energy savings of 148.2 GWh. Enel Sole has designed more than 1,200 artistic lighting projects, installed permanently or temporarily, both in Italy and abroad. Enel Sole’s approach to light design focuses on optimising energy consumption, while in its projects it reduces the CO2 carbon footprint and light pollution, supports innovation and the use of cutting-edge technology.