Overhaul of Mochovce 1 includes works on efficiency increase by 7%

Overhaul of Mochovce 1 includes works on efficiency increase by 7%
On Saturday, March 27, this year's series of general overhauls (GO) of Slovak nuclear power plants began in Mochovce.

The schedule envisages a number of standard works, as well as implementation of large investment projects, which include increasing the efficiency of the first Mochovce unit by seven percent and additional seismic strengthening. The works are hampered by anti-pandemic measures, in accordance with the regulation of the Public Health Office of the Slovak Republic.

The main goal of the GO is to replace nearly a fifth of the fuel in the reactor and to carry out planned repairs and investment projects to increase safety of the nuclear power plant, which can only be done during a shutdown. The overhaul shall last about a month, but works on the unit efficiency increasing by seven percent will continue even after the overhaul is completed.

The Mochovce 1 efficiency increase project will include replacement of the turbine generator stator and unit transformer. In a similar way, Mochovce 2 electrical output was increased in the autumn of  2020. You can read more about increasing the efficiency of both units in this report.

During the first in the series of four planned overhauls this year – two in Bohunice NPP and two in Mochovce NPP – inspection of the reactor pressure vessel, emergency systems, technical water system, steam generators welds and other important components is planned. After performing all the works, Slovenske elektrarne will verify the containment tightness.

„The shutdown schedule has been elaborated in detail, all conditions and tools are prepared so that we can perform every activity in a safe and smooth way, in required quality, while adhering to strict anti-pandemic measures. They apply to all employees of the company and suppliers, because nuclear safety is our priority.“

Mr. Martin Mráz
Mochovce NPP director