Smart is the new cool

Smart is the new cool
The Czech division of Slovenské elektrárne and Impact Hub Ostrava set up an acceleration programme for Smart City projects.

Slovenské elektrárne’s Czech division has moved into the Impact Hub in Ostrava, a space for coworking and innovation. It didn’t take long for a collaboration between Impact and Slovenské elektrárne to take off: both companies are fascinated by technology and smart cities.

In record time they set up an acceleration programme to support 7 energy projects with the greatest potential.

The shortlist included VXT, which is breaking down the myth that electric cars need to be expensive by offering revolutionary models with a price below 100,000 Czech koruna, or 3,900 euros. Another interesting project was Odpadky 4.0 (eng. Waste 4.0), which uses sophisticated data collection and innovative sensors to optimise, predict and streamline waste disposal.

The judges were also taken with Keylog, which is a solar-powered bicycle stand with an armoured chain that is able to identify the owner using chips that people carry with them such as those on payment cards. The stand also collects data and works as a docking station. HomeAdmin is an application for households that analyses and regulates energy consumption and costs. The Invipo Platform is able to help whole cities by evaluating and synchronising the data flows and functions of the smart devices within its area. It works as the “brain” of a modern metropolis.

The applications ZaparkujTo (eng. ParkIt) and Moje Obec (eng. My City) address two major problems of big cities: keeping citizens informed and finding somewhere to park. The first guides drivers to empty spaces and effectively shares those that are reserved; the second makes it easier for citizens to make municipal payments and find their town’s news and by-laws.