SE Predaj – your electricity and gas supplier.In Slovakia, your reliable electricity and gas supplier is Slovenské elektrárne – energy services, a 100% subsidiary of Slovenské elektrárne.

Slovenské elektrárne, as the owner of Slovenské elektrárne – energy services, guarantees stability, financial and professional strength. It guarantees that the Slovenské elektrárne – energy services was founded for long-term goals, that it is a stable and important market player since the time it was established.

In the very first year of its operation (2009) in the market the Slovenské elektrárne – energy services became number one among new suppliers considering the volume of electricity sold and the fourth most important supplier in Slovakia.

SE Predaj – your electricity and gas supplier.In the first years of its market operation the company focused on electricity supply for large corporate customers, in 2011 it sells electricity also to small enterprises and households.

Since 2013 it supplies also natural gas to its customers and provides energy efficiency services.