We are the very first recipient of the Responsible Employer Award

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Companies for which occupational safety and health protection beyond the law is a matter of course were presented with the prestigious awards of Safe Enterprise and Responsible Employer in Kosice.

Five companies, including Slovenske elektrarne, were awarded the title of Responsible Employer on Thursday, 3 February, in the Slavia Cafe in Kosice. The National Inspectorate presented this award for the first time in its history and the first company to receive this award was Slovenske elektrarne. Having the certificate with the number 001 is a great honour and satisfaction for us. Other holders of the Responsible Employer title are Saint-Gobain Construction Products, s.r.o., Magna PT, s.r.o., Brueckner Slovakia, s.r.o. and Jadrova a vyradovacia spolocnost, a.s.

Slovenské elektrárne is the first ever recipient of the Responsible Employer award, which we are very pleased about. We think it is a well-deserved award. You are also a great asset to other employers because you take into account the whole climate of the working environment and how your employees or suppliers feel. Even though you are a large employer your employees are demonstrably happy.

- Hedviga Machayova
Director General of the National Labour Inspectorate

In Košice, we also handed over the Safe Enterprise certificates, which we received with a plaque from the National Labour Inspectorate and the Ministry of Labour, Social Affairs and Family of the Slovak Republic last year directly at our headquarters. The conviction that the Safe Enterprise and Responsible Employer awards are in good hands was also expressed by Martin Nesticky, Director of the Labour Protection Department. "A satisfied employee equals a satisfied employer," he said, adding that "the Safe Enterprise and Responsible Employer programmes are an important part of building a culture of safety and a culture of employment and, among other things, they are a form of prevention in the field of occupational safety and health and therefore have the full support of the Ministry of Labour, Social Affairs and Family."

The Responsible Employer Certificate Number 001 is a commitment for us to continue to do our best to maintain and improve the culture and satisfaction of the people in our company. We want to remain attractive to students and young people but of course we also want to be the employer of choice for our current employees. We appreciate this award all the more because it has come at a time of pandemic when many things are much more complicated to do. Many companies were looking for shortcuts but we did not take that route and did our best to protect our employees, but at the same time kept production at the required quality.

- Miroslav Sarissky
Director of Human Resources and Management Organisation

Currently, 40 Slovak companies can boast the Safe Enterprise title. Five companies currently hold the title of Responsible Employer. Both certificates are valid for five years. After their expiry, a company can apply for an extension, which is decided by the Management Committee on the basis of whether the company has met the criteria of the programme.

Awards ceremony photos: