Sustainability is a part of Slovenské elektrárne DNA, it is a driver to take decisions and identify innovative solutions for business.

We define Sustainability as the Company’s capacity to prosper in a competitive and changing global business environment by anticipating and managing current and future economic, environmental and social opportunities and risks, focusing on quality, innovation and productivity to create competitive advantage and long –term value.

For us Sustainability is not only reporting on what a business has done to make a contribution to society. Sustainability looks forward, planning what business can do to grow and secure its future.

That is why we have developed Sustainability model, which is driven by Value creation for all our stakeholders.

Sustainability as a Business Model: Integration with business processes, fostering innovation and new business solutions contributing to reduction of environmental footprint, increasing support to communities and future generations.

Sustainability as a Dialogue with Stakeholders: Active collaboration with stakeholders, creating long-term relationship and trust. Stakeholders’ expectations are drivers for business and its future.

Sustainability as a Corporate Philanthropy: Contribution to the community, support of environment, cultural heritage, future generations, social groups in order to strengthen Country’s prosperity and future development.

And an inseparable component of our Sustainability Model is dedicated to Environment: Environmental sustainability for us is about making responsible decisions that will reduce possible negative impact on the environment. It is concerned with developing processes that will lead to businesses becoming completely sustainable in the future.

Sustainability goes hand in hand with Company Strategy, fostering the decisions and supporting its application.

Sustainability strategy

It is established in our Vision and Mission, is included into Company goals and objectives. Sustainability is incorporated into Business Plan and is continuously monitored in operations. For us being Sustainable means Success and Leadership, that is why Sustainability is an intrinsic part of our culture from top management to the employees both at site and in the Office.

Sustainability is about the future that starts today with our strongest commitment.